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Have Questions?

We get it, you may have questions or concerns about IV therapy and Vitamin Injections. Which is why we've put together our frequently asked questions. 

If you don't find the answers that you are looking for, be sure to send us a message, we're here to help and we'll get you whatever information you're looking for!

  • Does it Hurt?
    We use very small needles as well as a very small localized numbing agent so you will feel virtually nothing. That being said, everyone has a different pain threshold. Some find it painless and others feel a slight discomfort with the needle insertion. Most people find the IV infusion itself quite calming and relaxing. Some customers might feel some warmth as certain nutrients enter the bloodstream such as B vitamins or magnesium.
  • Is it Safe?
    Yes! Vitamin IV therapy is very safe provided it is administered by a licensed medical practitioner and overseen by a Medical Director. We use high quality vitamins, minerals, and amino acids sourced from certified suppliers. Also, IV therapy has been utilized for over 50 years and was developed by Dr. John Myers (the Myer’s cocktail).
  • What Results Can I Expect?
    Most people notice an increase in energy levels and an overall health enhancing boost. Optimum vitamin and mineral levels support proper metabolism, cortisol levels, cellular health, mood, and good sleep patterns. Vitamin therapy can also be an immune system boost which is very helpful during the winter months and during allergy season.
  • How Often Should I Get an IV for It to Be Effective?
    Depending on your nutritional needs you may see dramatic effects after the first IV. People who get regular IVs will feel less dramatic effects as their body starts to obtain optimal hydration and nutritional balance. Some get an IV weekly, multiple times a week, several times a month, or as needed.
  • Why Not Just Take Supplements?
    Many people do not absorb vitamins in their digestive tract very well. For those dealing with digestive issues such as constipation, chron’s, celiac, and IBS, it can be helpful to bypass the digestive tract and go directly to the bloodstream for high absorption at a cellular level.
  • Is There a Reason I Should Not Get An IV?
    We believe IV therapy can be beneficial for a wide variety of individuals. We also inform our customers of the fact that we are not a medical treatment center and therefore we do not treat or diagnose health issues. RevIVe 614 Health & Wellness offers a supportive therapeutic health and wellness service. If you have a major health condition please consult with your doctor before obtaining vitamin IV therapy.
  • How Do I Get Started?
    Feel free to read up on our IV combinations and benefits. Make an appointment online or by phone. If it is a small group we request that you schedule an appointment online or by phone.
  • Is There Anything I Should Do Before Arriving?
    For best results, drink plenty of water and have a little food in your stomach before arriving.
  • How Long Do Booster Shots Last?
    Results from booster shots will vary depending on the current health of the person. However, you can typically see results within 12-24 hours. These benefits will typically last around 5-8 days but will vary from person to person.
  • How Long Do Booster Shots Take?
    When we administer the booster shot, it only takes a couple of seconds. Which makes it perfect to add to your IV Therapy in order to reap the benefits of some extra vitamins/minerals/meds.
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